Korean BBQ Chain Popularity in Singapore is increasing

Korean BBQ Chain in singapore

Singapore is highly famous for Korean buffet BBQ and offers sizzling hot food for its tourists and visitors who come to visit this enchanting place. These Korean BBQ (barbeque) restaurants have gained their popularity with the launch of three famous Korean BBQ chains. Two of them has already been launched of which one is at Clarke Quay named Boss BarBQ and the other is in Marina Square named KKongdon BBQ. The third one that is going to be started is Bornga in Star Vista at the end of this month. Since the BarBQ restaurants are very popular among the Koreans, Mini Korea Bistro& Izakaya and Supulae have made their way in this business for the last 4 months. These restaurants add a flavor to the Korean food recipe and thus it has made them more demanding for their customers. The restaurants with BarBQ initially started in Tanjong Pagar Road, which is the home of Korean restaurants. There are more than 150 Korean restaurants in Singapore which supports the feeding of more than 30,000 Koreans and the random tourists and visitors who come to this charming place.

Increase Popularity In Korean BBQ Restaurants In Singapore

It has been found in the Singapore tourism reports that millions of tourists visit Korea every year and most of them are keen on having the Korean meal as it is famous for its taste and flavor all over the world. A BarBQ is also one of the main attractions of Korean food recipe to its tourists. A survey in Singapore reflects that after the promotion of Korean cuisine, most of the visitors are fascinated with the Korean BBQ. Beef is one of the favorite dishes of Korean restaurants in Singapore and this BarBQ dish is also favorite of US or Australia customers. The side dishes of BBQ mainly contain bean sprouts, Kimchi, pickled cucumber and it is really fun enjoying them in a friends’ party. There are also traditional items like Kimchi stews and seafood pancakes. The dips for chicken, beef, pork and meat is also yummy and satisfy your palate. The sauces served in the BBQ are tasty and appetizing for their visitors and once you have the experience of enjoying the meal you will come back every time.

The latest BarBQ launch has an additional charm along with it. This is the outlet that is outside of Korea and provides a facility of bar as well as live-K entertainment. The managers make sure that the foods that are served have the taste of pure Korean recipe. Each table is provided with individual pipes and people can drink, eat and chill without the smell of the smoke. The ionizer air purifier machines helps to reduce the smoke and thus the customers are well served with and hence the outlets have increased in every pert of Korea. They also provide the signature dishes like Tong Samgeopsal (belly of the pork) and Bulgogi Jeongol (squid, beef and vegetable hotpot). They are also planning to serve a Kimchi salad with the main course and that would be a complementary service for Korean buffet BBQ.

Korean BBQ Singapore