Doong Ji Korean Restaurant Food Review

Cheers to another new year to all our readers — we hope that you had a great time ushering in 2016. Right before the closure of 2015, we made a trip down to Singapore’s famous coastal food haven, East Coast Road, for a food tasting review at the highly-raved Doong Ji Korean Restaurant, and we’d like to share our thoughts with you today.

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant
Doong Ji Korean Restaurant
222 East Coast Road
Singapore 428919
Tel: +65 63454264
Daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar

Doong Ji Korean
Located just around the corner of 112 Katong Mall, lies a quaint, home-style interior decorated Korean restaurant that’s frequently patronized by both the local and Korean community. Albeit a restaurant with a smaller interior, it gave off a cozy feel with a well air-conditioned environment with the ever popular K-pop songs playing in the background.

DOONG JI - Takong
DoongJI Katong

We loved how Doong Ji Korean Restaurant’s menu was not the least short of variety from the Korean cuisine as compared to some restaurants that we’ve previously visited. Doong Ji served an assortment of dishes, such as fried chicken, Korean pancakes, desserts, steamboat platters, Kimchi soups and the likes. We’d be honest that we had a hard choice making up our minds!

DoongJI Side Dish
After the staff had taken our orders, we were served with yummy Korean appetizers in a jiffy.


Doong Ji Potato

DoongJi POtato
Assorted vegetables

Vegetable strips

Doong Vegetables
Steamed egg


Sorry, there may have a planned Holiday…

Doong Ji Drink
Barley Tea (500 ml), $2.5

As the restaurant didn’t provide complimentary water, we decided to order barley tea instead to go with our main dishes. It tasted plain and flavourless, yet still a tinge of uniqueness.

Doong Ji Bibimbap

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap
Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (Chicken), $11.9

A signature Korean dish, it was definitely a must-get for our dinner. Our bibimbap (mixed rice) was served with a bowl of warm white rice, topped with soy sauce, namul, gochujang, doenjang, fried egg and sliced meat. It’s highly recommended for spicy lovers, as it gets spicier with each bite off the dish!


Doong Ji Sweet Corn
Corn Cheese, $9.8

We were tempted to get a dish out of the ordinary, something that stood out from typical Korean restaurants. We spotted the Corn Cheese, and it was no doubt a brilliant choice made. This platter of corn and mixed vegetables with mozzarella cheese was a lovely combination, especially to cheese lovers out there. Mixed along with carrots, onions and vegetables, it’s another must-try recommendation that’s best served hot and bubbling.

Fried Chicken Doong Ji Korean
Fried Chicken, $18.5

Although scaled to the pricier side, we ordered a basket of fried chicken that came with three different types of sauces – mustard, raddish, and a yummy pineapple sauce that blended really well with the flavours. It wasn’t exactly worth the amount spent on the dish, though, as the chicken tasted bland and the meat wasn’t as tender. However, the spices and crispy exterior made up to it.

All in all, it was still a satisfying dinner that filled our bellies, and we especially loved the Corn Cheese dish that melted in our mouths. However, do note that you should dine in at an earlier timing so as to avoid peak hours as the popular Doong Ji Korean restaurant could get a whole lot busier once dinner time arrives.
For customers who intend to drive over to the restaurant, it’s also good to note that there are very limited parking lots available in the vicinity, so do plan ahead to visit during the non-peak period. Doong Ji Korean restaurant also has a loyalty system that allows you to collect points. Cheers to customers to patronize their outlet on a more frequent basis! I’d love to head back some day to try their other varieties of dishes, such as the soups and steamboat dishes.

In addition, for customers who crave for Korean food and want to save the trouble of making a trip down to the restaurant itself, you can even place your orders online. Hurray for technology! Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Facebook page (here) and Main site, and drop +65 6345 4264 a call for reservations.

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