Kkongdon Korean BBQ Buffet Special @Djitsun Mall

A few days back, we went back to satisfy our Korean BBQ cravings at Djitsun Mall’s Kkongdon Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant in Singapore. Yummy!


First up, a bit of background information about Kkongdon Barbeque Restaurant. ‘Kkongdon’ means ‘Best Price Value’ in Korean Language, and this restaurant is owned by the JP Pepperdine Group, who also runs the local steakhouse Jack’s Place.

While Korean BBQ Restaurants are getting more popular in our country, Kkongdon Korean BBQ Restaurant has also continued to grow and there are 67 outlets in Korea till date!


And today, we are going to try a new concept of K-BBQ (Korean Barbeque) – an All-You-Can-Eat K-BBQ Buffet in 60 minutes!


Here we are at the entrance of Kkongdon Barbeque Restaurant at Djitsun Mall.

Djitsun Mall
5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2
#01-06, Singapore 569663
Nearest MRT Station: Ang Mo Kio



Took a quick look at the menu before we made our orders. Besides the meat, the K-BBQ Buffet also steamed rice, soup of the day, Shiitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, and Pumpkin. They also provided free flow of kimchi & sides.


Here is the menu of beverages they serve. We ordered the Hot Barley Tea and Iced Green Tea to quench our thirsts!


After we’ve finished our orders, the staff turned on the heat for our plates in the middle of the table.

  1. Absorbs heat/smoke from the hot plate
  2. Plate to place your raw food to BBQ
  3. Heat comes from the bottom, but not to worry – the heat isn’t overbearing!

While waiting for the food to be served, we went ahead to pick our side dishes beforehand at the counter – self-service! Kkongdon BBQ provides entertainment too with their wide-screen TV in front of the dining area.


The sides included dishes that ranged from potato salad, kimchi and seaweed, to Korean pancakes, fresh lettuce and other spicy Korean starters!



I’m not really a fan of Kimchi but I really liked how their Kimchi tasted – a little spicy yet sweet!



The staff then served us our other side dishes and our Soup of the Day was Seaweed Soup!


For the sauces, they had Chilli Sauce, Samjang Sauce (hot bean paste), Oriental Sauce, Onion Sauce, and Sesame & Salt – a little bit of extra taste to top off your BBQ experience!


After about a short 10 minutes wait, our food has been served! What I noticed was that, during buffets, the raw meat would usually be placed outside for customers to take. However, I like how Kkongdon BBQ makes the effort to prepare the meat in the kitchen before serving it to the customers to keep the meat fresher!

Here, we have the Pork Belly, Pork Bulgogi, Beef Skirt, Beef Chadol, Chicken Thigh and Spicy Chicken Thigh!


Let’s get our utensils ready… And…


We are finally ready to dig in!!!

I recommend the Pork Bulgogi, Beef, and Spicy Chicken Thigh! These were my favourites – and remember to top it off with the special sauces from Kkongdon BBQ! And don’t worry if the Pork Bulgogi and Spicy Chicken Thigh gets a little bit fiery because you can always down a few sips of beverages to clear your throat!


You may also request for the friendly staff to pour a little oil on your hot plate once it gets a little dry after BBQ-ing for a while.


And don’t worry about the plate getting too oily. Realised that it is slanted to one side? That’s because there’s a tiny hole in the middle for the oil to leak out safely into a plastic covered pan at the bottom. Talk about innovation!


As for the Enoji Mushroom, you might want to keep it on the hot plate longer (remember to flip it around from time to time – same goes to the meat) for a crispier taste!


You can get creative too with your food – try wrapping some chicken and pork in the lettuce!



Or, you can even wrap it up with a bit of steamed rice and create a mini sushi roll with the seaweed! Mmmm… =)


We then realized that it started to get a little more crowded afterwards in the restaurant. Since the ‘K-BBQ All-You-Can-Eat in 60 minutes’ start from 5:30pm to 10:30pm, we highly recommend you to come earlier (we came at 6:30pm) to beat the crowd.


Before we left, we took a picture with this friendly staff right here who made our dinner experience at Kkongdon Barbeque a delightful one. Thank you!

Hope you guys have a great dinner at Kkongdon Barbeque at Djitsun Mall, too!

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