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Hope you guys had a blast welcoming the Lunar New Year festival! The team from Korean Restaurant Singapore certainly had a lovely time ushering in the Monkey Year. What better than to celebrate the auspicious festival with a feast with your loved ones, family members and friends? We’re up for another highly recommended restaurant this time, which is none other than one of the top Korean restaurant outlets in Singapore that serves up piping hot fried chicken.

Chicken Up Korean RESTAURANT
Chicken Up
Jurong East MRT Station
10 Jurong East ST12 #01-01
Singapore 609690
Mon – Sun: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Nearest Station: Jurong East

Chicken Up Restaurant
Started in 2010, Chicken Up serves as a casual dining experience for customers to experience the Korean Cuisine. Marinated for 12 hours and then double fried to seal in the flavours, Chicken Up offers a variety of fried chicken such as best-selling Yangnyum – a sweet and tangy flavour and Ganjang – a garlic-soya based blend. The restaurant also boasts a unique range of home-brewed, fruit-infused Soju with thirst-quenching flavours like watermelon, peach, apple and pear. Today, we’re at their new outlet conveniently located right below Jurong East MRT Station, to try out their delectable dishes.

Jurong East - Chicken Up Korean Food
In fact, Chicken Up has been extremely well received by patrons, and highly rated by top communities such as HungryGoWhere, Facebook, Tripadvisor and similar platforms. The popular entertainment series, RazorTV, has even ranked the Chicken Up establishment as the overall winner! With all that raving, the team from Korean Restaurants Singapore definitely wouldn’t miss out a meal at this outlet!

The moment we stepped into the establishment, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff and assistants from the restaurant. Of all the Korean restaurants visited thus far, we’re thoroughly impressed by the service provided at Chicken Up. The staff really paid attention to the most delicate details from customers, and was quick to be at service as well. We were however told that we should check out the menus instead of the digital menu on the screens in front of the counter, as they have not been updated as of date.


chicken up Drink menu
We were glad to be shown a list of the most highly-recommended food dishes and drinks provided at the restaurant, as it was much easier to pick our choices with the ease of referring to the best-sellers at the restaurant.

While waiting for our meals to be served, we helped ourselves to the complimentary ice water located right at the end of the restaurant. You could also help yourselves to the cutleries, sauces, serviettes and even plastic gloves at the left side of the restaurant as you’ll require them to consume your tasty fried chicken.

manso soup - Chicken Up Korean
Mandoo Soup, $12.9

First up, we ordered a dish that caught our interest, also known as the Korean traditional dumpling soup served with egg, crispy seaweed sprinkles and sliced rice cake. The chicken soup had a sweet seaweed flavor, and it was soothing for the throat. Students can rejoice as a flash of your student card will allow you to receive a whooping 30% off until 6pm daily on any main lunch menu, along with your choice of free drink. You’ll be able to select from your drink choices on the menu.

Cup Bak - Chicken Up Korean Restaurant
Cup Bap, $12.9

With your own choice of Ganjang Chicken, Gochujang Chicken, Beef Bulgogi and Gochujang Pork, you can opt for your Cup Bap to go with your own choice of meat. Although we were extremely pleased with the service provided, we were rather disappointed from the Cup Bap (as listed in the recommended dishes), as it tasted too salty for our preference. Nevertheless, we still liked the chewy glass noodles in the dish.

Fried Chicken @Chicken Up Jurong East Korean Restaurant
Spicy chicken Up
Spicy Up Chicken, $18

Of course, we wouldn’t miss ordering Korean fried chicken at Chicken Up, for the world! The 4 piece mega half chicken added a little spice to our lives, with Chicken Up’s pledge of only using fresh chicken marinated for 12 hours for customers to enjoy more flavourful chicken. It wasn’t extremely, over-the-top spicy, and was marinated to the perfect level of spice in my opinion.

Melon Bingsu
Melon Bingsu, $20

The most highly-recommended dish/dessert would be the sweet and irresistibly cute looking Melon Bingsu that was juicy, healthy and insta-worthy at the same time. The staff taught us how we should mix the juice at the bottom with the ice for a more well-blended dessert to go with your melon cubes and scoop of ice cream. It’s also a great option to be shared with a group of friends! If you’re going for other dessert options, you may also opt for the Watermelon Bingsu, Pat Bingsu (red bean or matcha), or Mini Bingsu that comes in assorted choices. Also, there’s a 50% off for Bingsu, exclusively for students!

If you’re planning a visit to Chicken Up, do check out their menu here for other varieties of dishes. We’d strongly recommend to pop by as we were really humbled by their excellent service. Drop the outlet a call at +65 6563 0337 for any enquiries. You may also hop online (here) to make reservations! Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Main page (here) or Facebook page (here).

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