The Secrets of Korean Food Recipes

korean food recipesIts popularity has spread all over the world, that one cannot help but wonder what it is in Korean food recipes that make them amazingly delicious. Is it the ingredients? Is it the spices? Is it the method of preparation? Or is it the fusion of all these and other influences that make up a dish so tempting to the palate? You will not learn enough of this delectable cuisine unless you immerse yourself in it and experience how ordinary dishes become extraordinary in every Korean home. With Korean restaurants opening up everywhere, it is very convenient to get a taste of Korea wherever you are.

If there are 5 things you need to know about Korean food recipes, they would be:

1. Kimchi is everywhere. Made of vegetables seasoned and fermented in a concoction of many spices, this traditional food is a staple find in every home and restaurant in Korea. Most Koreans know a Kimchi recipe or two, which they are ready to prepare for family and guests. Its most common ingredients are garlic, pepper flakes, onion, chives, brine, and pear juice. Being fermented, you will be treated to a sour yet very rich and flavorful dish.

2. They are spicy. Even on a summer day, Koreans love to eat Korean food recipes that are spicy. It is their way of fighting hot with hot. Dried red chili pepper and black pepper are common condiments in their pantries.

3. The staples: rice, vegetable, and meat. This is very apparent in their rice toppings (Bibimbap), Kimchi recipe (made of cabbage, radish, or cucumber), and Korean BBQ (uses chicken, beef, or pork). Every meal in the day usually includes rice and kimchi. In the absence of the former, they cook noodles as an alternative.

4. Soups and stews on a hot day. Aside from loving spicy food, they also love them hot and Korean food recipes do not disappoint in this area. They have plenty of soup and noodle dishes, and a variety of stew. Some of which are: Seolleongtang (soup made of ox bone), Seolleongtang (tofu stew), and Budae Jjigae (a stew which uses a good kimchi recipe as a base).

5. They love side dishes. In fact, when you eat in a Korean restaurant, the side dishes are served first before the main course, and they come in a number of small bowls. They can be made of vegetables, seafood, or meat. Adhering to basic Korean food recipes, most of these side dishes are also spicy, although you can also order for the non-spicy counterparts if your tongue is not up for the challenge.

If you ever go visit Korea, or get to dine in one of those amazing Korean restaurants, you now have an idea of what to expect. It would better too, if you try to learn to use a chopstick and be prepared to sit on the floor, as most households entertain this way. You will be amazed not only with the hospitality, but also with the colorful and flavorful Korean food recipes that await you.


Korean Food recipes

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