Hanwoori Korean Restaurant Food Review

Right smack in the buzzing Serangoon Garden arena, are many hidden gems and growing F&B outlets around the vicinity. Today, we visit Hanwoori Korean Restaurant, a quaint and unpretentious joint just a stone’s throw away from the bus stop, which Korean lovers and residents staying within the area are bound to know.


Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
76 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555972
Mon, Wed – Sat: 11:30pm – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Sun: 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Tue: Closed

Nearest Station: Serangoon


We step into the small but cozy interior, greeted by gorgeous wallpapers that brought out the essence of Korea itself. Lined with neat, white tables, we loved the clean, homely concept adopted by the restaurant. A giant LG TV screen could be seen right at the counter, playing entertaining Korean background music to lighten up the atmosphere.


We were amazed by the huge compilation of Polaroids lined up along the walls of the restaurant. It displayed a range of photographs taken (seemingly) with customers for the past few years of their restaurant’s business. Of course, we could tell the array of happy customers previously served by the attentive staff from Hanwoori Korean restaurant.

Hanwoori korean restaurant

Took a peek into the main menu from Hanwoori that served a comprehensive range of food items. From the usual BBQ meat options and cold noodles, to a classic Bibimbap and a variety of drinks to select from. If you ordered any of the main dishes, you will also be given 10 free side dishes.


What’s a meal at a Korean restaurant without the classic Korean side dishes after all? We definitely can’t resist either!


Also known as the Kongjang (soy braised soybeans) in Korea, these sweet and salty black soybeans make delicious protein-filled complements to any standard Korean dish.


We loved the crispiness of the dried anchovy side dish (myeolchi-bokkeum) that serves as a great addition to your bowl of rice.


Potatoes are cut into thin strips and served as a side dish, also known as the Gamja Bokum Banchan in Korea.


This side dish needs no further introduction. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the all-time favourite side dish from Korea right now – Kimchi!


The Korean style seasoned mung bean sprout dish is certainly one of the most common side dishes in Korea, very economical and good for the body too.


The potato and soy sauce side dish is known for its sweet taste, sometimes suitable to go with roasted sesame seeds too.


If you’ve ever been to any Korean restaurant that serves a few side dishes before the mains, this dish is definitely not unfamiliar. The gamja-salad is the Korean term for cold, smooth and slight-mashed potatoes, sometimes served with carrots and cucumber to add in the crispiness.



A healthy diet always starts with a dish of vegetables. Here are two dishes of veggies, including the Korean styled spinach that goes well with any mains.


Fishcakes, anyone? The eomuk bokkeum stands for stir fried fish cakes that are usually served spicy to add flavor to your meals.


So here’s an overview again on the wide variety of side dishes served! Of course, it’s refillable, so do remember to place your last order by 2:30pm if you’re heading for lunch.


Home-made rice drink, $3.5

We loved how the highly-recommended home-made rice drink is so inexpensive, yet served up to a whole glass of refreshing, cooling thirst-quencher on a hot sunny weekend afternoon. Complimentary iced water is also provided if preferred.




Ramyen, $8

Because it taste a little too typical to order a bowl of Korean instant noodles, we decided to oomph up the dish by adding meat for $3. You may also opt for kimchi at +$1, or seafood at +$2. In fact, it was delightfully yummy and didn’t taste as ordinary as we expected it to be! A must-try for seaweed and spicy lovers.




Bulgogi rice (pork), $15

With a choice of either beef, pork or chicken, you can order your preferred meat stir-fried on a hotplate and complement it with rice. It’s a spicier option, but comes with tender meat with strong flavor that tastes just right and appetizing.




Yukgae Jang (beef soup with rice), $17

Beef slices come in shredded portions, but has a chewy texture to it. Complement it with the glass noodles, beef broth and rice, and it all comes together to the perfect concoction.


If you’re planning a visit to Hanwoori, do check out their menu for other varieties of dishes, including the BBQ options that many cannot resist. Do also take note that the restaurant will be temporarily closed from 6 Feb to 11 Feb in view of the upcoming Lunar New Year festival, so do make the necessary arrangements if needed, such as making your plans in advanced or dropping the outlet a call to book a reservation at +65 6283 6339.

Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Facebook page (here), and the team from Hanwoori wishes you a fabulous February and 2016 ahead!

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