Chir Chir Korean Restaurant 치르치르 Food Review

Hands up to everyone out there who loves the ever-so-popular Korean fried chicken! We’ve been raving about these juicy Korean chicken during our previous visits to Choo Choo Chicken Restaurant and Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant, and this time round, we are here at the new Chir Chir Korean Restaurant to check out what the hype is all about! Are the long queues worth the wait? Let’s see it for ourselves.



Chir Chir Korean Restaurant 치르치르
[email protected]
Singapore 238895
Mon – Thu: 10:00am – 10:00pm, Fri – Sat: 11:00am – 11:00pm, Sun: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Nearest Station: Somerset

Located at the heart of town, Chir Chir Korean Restaurant has recently launched its newly opened outlet at the basement of the bustling [email protected]. Managed by K Food Holdings Pte Ltd and brought over to Singapore directly from Seoul, South Korea itself, it’s no wonder why customers frequent this chicken factory despite the competition from various other Korean Restaurants.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is a casual restaurant chain that specializes in delectable freshly cooked chicken dishes.  Chir Chir, also pronounced as Chi-Re Chi-Re, focuses on great taste, value and service that earned themselves a huge following in Korea through its variety of selections, unique menu and great taste. Did you know: Chir Chir has over 100 stores all over South Korea, and has even expanded to store openings at China and Taiwan?

It’s also one of the largest “Chimaek” franchises in South Korea, whereby the culture of “Chimaek” represents the fun and popular combination of fried chicken and cold beer. That also means Chimaek (치맥 in Korean), chi from chicken (치킨) and maek from maekju (맥주 beer). With that, we’re finally getting the opportunity to find out what allows the amazing Chir Chir Korean Restaurant to stand out from its competitors.




Upon arrival, however, we had to endure a long queue before getting to our seats and placing our orders. There were limited seats during the peak hours at dinner time, and customers had to stand outdoors and take a look at the menus or place orders while waiting. Thankfully, the manager who assisted us in taking our orders had extremely great service and attended to us whenever we needed to take extra orders or enquired on the waiting time. Even though the entire waiting time got to more than an hour before we could start digging in to our food, we were surprisingly pleased at the enthusiasm shown by the restaurant manager.




Took a look at their menu and was delighted at the variety of Korean chicken, dishes and drinks they had to offer. Of course, how can anyone patronize Chir Chir Korean Restaurant without giving their beverages a try? Hence, we picked the one that was most appetizing to us…


Lady Killer!, $16.9

Quoted the best choice to make the lady fall in love, we wanted to give this interesting beverage a try. We loved its huge cup and how unique it’s served, with the bottle turned upside down. However, do make sure that you only lift it up when you want to refill the glass, otherwise, the drinks might overflow. Still, definitely a sign of innovation and creativity!




Passion Yellow Tok! Tok!, $14.9

Tangy and sweet, this cocktail filled with tropical passion fruit is worth a try if you’re opting for a non-alcoholic beverage going for only $14.9, while the alcoholic ones go at $18.9. Love how the leaves made a lovely decoration for the drink itself.


Now, it’s finally time to dig in to our juicy, tender Korean fried chicken! Sometimes, restaurants that serve fried chicken would provide plastic thumb gloves to protect your fingers from getting oily. However, it was the first time that I saw a Korean restaurant providing with a unique utensil that allowed you to grab the handles by the side to pick up your fried chicken and indulging in it without causing your fingers to be oily, too!


Spicy Wings!, $28.9

Although it wasn’t going cheap, these crispy fried wings dipped in Chir Chir’s special sauce definitely got us perked up! Topped with nutty almond flakes, you can also find yourselves with fried sweet potato cubes and huge, chewy rice cakes that were uniquely crispy on the outside, too. Furthermore, let me just emphasize that the portion is huge! They serve both wings and drumsticks together for you to choose your preference. And don’t you worry about the level of spice, it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it’d be.




Garlicky Wings!, $28.9

Going for the same price, we decided to opt for the garlic wings because it sounded fresh, tasty and yummy. This time round, the crispy fried wings were drizzled in special soy sauce from Chir Chir Korean restaurant, topped with crunchy garlic flakes to go along with. Of course, it also came with the chewy rice cakes to blend in the flavours together for the perfect authentic meal.




Chir Cheese Fries, $9.9

Last but not least, we purchased the Chir crispy cheese fries served with Chir Chir’s original secret sauce because we admit that it looked incredibly delicious on the menu! However, to our slight disappointment, the fries tasted mediocre, even though the cheese tasted quite fragrant. Still, we loved the cheese shaving toppings that came along with the platter, served with celery sticks and cream sauce by the side.



All in all, we still enjoyed our experience savouring the huge chicken drumsticks and abundance of wings which we eventually couldn’t finish. We recommend that you head down with a couple of friends to prevent food wastage, as you got to trust us how huge the portions were. However, takeaways are still available. Just approach any of their friendly staff for assistance if needed! Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Facebook page (here) and Main site (here), and remember to avoid peak hours whenever possible, provided you enjoy a vibrant, busy environment!

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