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Different Types of Korean Noodles

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Different types of Korean noodles (black bean noodles, Naeng Myun, Jajang Myeon…many more)
In the Korean cuisine different types of Korean noodles is a very popular item. The noodles were a well-known food of the Koreans from the ancient times. There were less productions of wheat so noodles were mainly prepared in auspicious occasions like wedding, birthdays, etc where this was considered as a special dish for that occasion. The traditional noodles in Korea are cold buck wheat noodles, noodles in hot & clear broth, cold noodle with mixed vegetables, noodles in cold soya bean broth, knife-cut noodles and other varieties as well. It is up to the cook what mix and match can be done with this Korean recipe.
There are different types of Read more [...]

korean fried chicken

How to Make Korean Fried Chicken

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Korean fried chicken, Yangnyeom tongdak – different version of KFC
Korean fried chicken or KFC is also known as Yangnyeom tongdak and it is a very popular dish for the season of sporting tournament. The taste is solely not like KFC but a little more spicy and flavored to match up with the Korean taste. Various people throughout the world are quite affectionate towards this particular delicacy, and it is also one of the most preferable dishes for all youngsters. Anybody who has one taste of this particular chicken delicacy will always come back for more of it. When you are tired or having a dull mood, then you can go for this extremely tasty chicken dish to spice up your mood! The origination of this dish was in Korea, and basically this dish Read more [...]

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How To Make Korean Kimchi

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Make Instant Korean Kimchi
The dish Korean Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish which is fermented and is made of Korean vegetables with multiple seasoning. The key vegetable ingredients may be cabbage, radish, and cucumber.  This is a Korean national dish and also sometimes main ingredient of some other dishes like Kimchi soup, Kimchi stew and also Kimchi fried rice.
In ancient times Kimchi was made of beef stock and cabbage only but in due course of time red chili pepper flakes are used as the main spice ingredient. The most common seasonings that are included in this dish are cucumber, brine, ginger, spices, garlic, chopped radish, shrimp sauce and fish sauce. The Kimchi can be categorized as per seasons, regions or main ingredients. The Read more [...]

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Korean Kimbap Recipes

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What is Korean Kimbap?
Korean kimbap, a popular dish of Korea, is normally made from steamed rice along with many other ingredients which are all rolled in the sheets of laver seaweed which is used in a dried form for wrapping the dish.  This is generally served in the form of sliced cakes that can be taken in bites and is normally eaten in out-door events or during a picnic. Kimchi is the item that has this as a side dish.
If you are planning for a light lunch then kimbap from the Korean food recipe is the best for you. The filling of this particular dish is of many types. They may be vegetables, fish, eggs, and meat which too may be roasted, pickled or fresh. The rice is seasoned slightly with sesame oil and salt. The ingredients are mainly Read more [...]


Korean BBQ Chain in Singapore

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Korean BBQ Chain Popularity in Singapore is increasing

Singapore is highly famous for Korean buffet BBQ and offers sizzling hot food for its tourists and visitors who come to visit this enchanting place. These Korean BBQ (barbeque) restaurants have gained their popularity with the launch of three famous Korean BBQ chains. Two of them has already been launched of which one is at Clarke Quay named Boss BarBQ and the other is in Marina Square named KKongdon BBQ. The third one that is going to be started is Bornga in Star Vista at the end of this month. Since the BarBQ restaurants are very popular among the Koreans, Mini Korea Bistro& Izakaya and Supulae have made their way in this business for the last 4 months. These restaurants add Read more [...]

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