Authentic Korean Food from Kimchi Korean Restaurant

Are you a fan of spicy Korean food? Does your stomach crave for the freshest vegetables, kimchi and medium-rare beef slices? Introducing to you – Kimchi Korean Restaurant, a newly renovated restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine in healthy portions.


Kimchi Restaurants in Singapore

3 Temasek Boulevard #02-387
Suntec City Mall Convention Tower
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Nearest MRT Station: Suntec / City Hall

Spotted the bright orange sign from afar – we are all ready to head for a nice yummy dinner at the recently opened Suntec City Mall Convention Tower!

andong chicken

Kimchi Korean Restaurant practices price integrity by adopting a ‘pay for only what you eat’ policy. Their Korean dishes are served in healthy portions enough for a customer’s indulgence, yet able to cut down on food and money wastage.

Kimchi Restaurants in singapore

A clean look for the restaurant interior greeted us when we arrived. We were then welcomed by the managing director of Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Mr Haden Hee, and our host of the day, Mr Park Jun Ho, also the friendly manager of Kimchi Korean Restaurant.


Right at the entrance is a row of storage compartments split into three parts.

korean food in singapore

Firstly, we have the ‘cold storage’, with the restaurant’s freshest fruits and vegetables. Here is where the chef will come to select the ingredients once the customer has decide on their order. This ensures freshness and quality in the Korean dishes served to the customers.
These items are encouraged to be consumed from the restaurant and are not usually for sale.

Korean beverages

Secondly, we have the drinks compartment, apart from the drinks menu, customers or passers-by can purchase their fizzy colas and fruit juices here.



Thirdly, we have the mixed compartment, with a few Korean beverages, snacks and finally, frozen meat and food at the bottom.


Korean Press

Remember to grab a copy of the News too for some entertainment while waiting for the chef to prepare food.


Korean Kimchi

Let us now introduce you to some of the other facilities in the restaurant.

Korean Cuisine

Sink into these comfy couches while getting a drink or two from the pantry at the side.


Here are some armchairs for meeting the convenience of the customers who prefer to rest their arms against the sides of chairs.


Here is the kitchen area, where the chef whips up fantastic dishes, with trays by the counter filled with tasty Korean appetizers.

They also provide VIP Rooms specially catered to businessmen who prefer to have private conversations, or for customers who want a little privacy in general. It includes a sliding door to minimize distractions from the outside. The 6-Seater VIP Room and 8-Seater VIP Room can also be combined into a 14-Seater VIP Room upon request!


We (my boyfriend and I) decided to take the recommended 6-Seater Room for an even cozier environment, which was perfect! Also check out the cool, rock wall tiles!

Kimchi Cook

Did you also know that their kitchen is made out of 100% South Korean chefs? Even the manager, Mr Park, is from Korea too!

One of their Chefs, Chef Choi, had also been a chef formally from Ritz Carlton (Seoul, Korea) and Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)! Impressive!


Here are some of the appetizers that were served to us.

Korean Appetizers

The table has a pit in the middle, with utensils and plates authentically-designed. We realized both wet and normal tissue sheets were provided too! So thoughtful !


Menu food

Mr Park introduced us to the chef’s recommended dishes and their specialties. Apart from the BBQ dishes, they also served side dishes, main meals, ramen soups, tea and dessert. I was worried that we might be too full to be stuffed with so much yummy dishes at one go, but the considerate staff served the dishes in healthy portions to prevent food wastage!

I was really hungry at that point of time. Can’t wait to dig in !

Kimchi sides

Korean Tea (Cold/Hot) (Free Flow) $3.0



Pork Cheek Fillet $18.50

The pork slices can be barbecued for a short 4 – 5 minutes before it is fully cooked. Barbecuing your raw meat is self-service, but you can vote for another option, which is to get the friendly staff to assist you.

This was one of my favorites – the tender, chewy pork meat that left me wanting for more!



Wagyu Beef Short Rib $29.0

This thick chunk of beef, freshly imported from Australia, is blood red when served to us, and can be cooked for a really quick 1 minute before it reaches medium-rare.

It tasted not too dry or oil, and still juicy and tender when placed in your mouth. Just right!


Korean BBQ


The meats can be separated from the pit to be kept warm before you taste it. The pork fillets tasted even better with the chopped garlic barbecued together. Thank you Mr Park for assisting us in the barbecuing of meats!



Kimchi Jeon $8.50 / Haemul Pajeon $8.90

Pancake with kimchi and vegetables, served with Korean salad. / Traditional Korean pancake with spring onion and mixed seafood served with Korean salad.



Bean Curd Kimchi $8.90

Stuffed bean curd, minced pork with stir-fried kimchi, Korean salad. The bottom layer is filled with kimchi, below the stuffed bean curd made in the form of a croquette.


Korean food

While eating, we could enjoy the privacy dining amongst the two of us with the closed sliding doors!

Afterwards, we were served with more dishes – the Ramen soups and dessert! Yay!

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup $9.80

A spicy hot pot of kimchi broth, pork, vegetables, mushroom, tofu. You could request for a less spicy bowl of any hot pot ramen – ask and you would be served. (The ramen soups we tasted were both Level 3 Spicy)




Andong Jjim Dak $15.0

Braised chicken and root vegetables with andong spice soy sauce. A chef’s recommendation that I really loved, although it was pretty spicy for me!

You’d also be served with rice to complement the taste of the slightly salty and spicy ramen soups. In case it gets too spicy, remember to drink water!


Korean Glass Noodles

Loved the Korean glass noodles that were so fat and chewy!


Of course, it doesn’t harm snapping a picture with your tasty hot pot of spicy ramen, right? ^^ *in hopes of looking like a cute Korean girl too* *oops*, just kidding!



Famous Busan Hodduk $9.0

Now for the dessert time! Just look at this mouth-watering sweet treat, with strawberry toppings, walnuts and icing sprinkled over the soft pancake.


Dip it with their berries compute for an extra flavored taste!

The berries compute was such a thick paste, it feels as if they used real berries for the whole dipping sauce.

Method 1: You can dip your already sliced soft dessert in!


Method 2: To make the entire dessert more flavourful, you can simply pour the compute over the pancake! Mmm!


We finally had our fill and were really pleased with both the service and food. *Thumbs up!!* The entire customer experience was great, and besides the coziness, the restaurant also played Korean music to add to the atmosphere!

Kimchi Korean Rest

At the entrance of Kimchi Korean Restaurant once again, with warm and friendly manager, Mr Park Jun Ho. We were really thankful for the pleasant dining experience provided. =) To our dear fans of Korean food, if you do happen to visit Suntec City soon, do drop by this amazing Kimchi Korean Restaurant, or visit their Facebook page to find out more!

We look forward to bringing you even more of these exciting Korean Restaurants in Singapore in the future!


*Korea Restaurants Singapore Food Blogger (Cheow Yi)

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