Korean fried chicken, Yangnyeom tongdak – different version of KFC

Korean fried chickenKorean fried chicken or KFC is also known as Yangnyeom tongdak and it is a very popular dish for the season of sporting tournament. The taste is solely not like KFC but a little more spicy and flavored to match up with the Korean taste. Various people throughout the world are quite affectionate towards this particular delicacy, and it is also one of the most preferable dishes for all youngsters. Anybody who has one taste of this particular chicken delicacy will always come back for more of it. When you are tired or having a dull mood, then you can go for this extremely tasty chicken dish to spice up your mood! The origination of this dish was in Korea, and basically this dish serves to be an after meal snack, it is taken with drinks, and most importantly and majorly it is consumed as a fast food. At the Korean restaurants in Singapore, you will find this dish highly prevalent and loved by most of the crowd there. So, if you are a teenager or young at heart, and you never get sick of yummy fast foods, then Korean fried chicken is the perfect dish to suit your taste.

Recipes of Korean Fried Chicken (Yangnyeom tongdak)

If you are hungry and you are in need of a spicy fast food, the Korean recipe of fried chicken, gives you a yummy satisfaction of your hunger. The recipe of Korean fried chicken involves quite an interesting pairing and matching of ingredients, by which the final taste of the dish gives your tongue, a heavenly satisfaction. There are three basic parts of making the fried chicken dish. The first one comprises of the main ingredients which involves the chicken in required amounts and milk or a combination of black pepper and ginger powder to take out the bad flavor of the chicken. The second step is mixing of the batter with which the chicken is basically coated and deep fried. The Korean recipe for making the batter is a mixture of flour, cornstarch or potato starch, salt to taste, black pepper pinches and the Korean curry powder. The chicken is deep fried after mixing with the batter and then boiled in a sauce which is the third step of the preparation. The sauce is made by cooking ketchup, corn syrup, sugar, red pepper paste, minced onion and garlic, cooking oil, soy sauce. And, finally sesame seeds are sprinkled on the sauced chickens.

At the Korean restaurants in Singapore or at any other country where KFC is available, you might find the fried chickens without being boiled in the sauce, as many customers like them plain and not sauced. You can always try both the plain and the sauced fried chickens, and check out which one is more preferable for you. The slight spicy taste of the chickens gives an impressive feeling to your taste buds, which will always make you come back for more of this chicken delicacy. So, if you want to hang out with your friends and grab a tasty snack with the chat, then Korean fried chicken is just the thing you are looking for!


How to Make Korean Fried Chicken




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