Oppa BBQ Korean Restaurant Food Review

Once again, our team decided to make a visit to satisfy our cravings for a good Korean BBQ cuisine. We made a trip along the journey to the West, and located the JCube Mall to find Oppa BBQ, which was not hard to spot considering its fragrant BBQ smells lingering around its outlet that you might actually find hard to resist!

Oppa BBQ Korean Restaurant
JCube Mall
2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731
Daily: 11:30AM – 10:30PM
Nearest Station: Jurong East
Suitable for all age groups, Oppa Korean Grill BBQ aims to provide original and traditional premium meats to their customers similar to those at a high-class Korean BBQ restaurant at a more affordable price. As the ventilators were spoilt, we were requested to sit nearer to the entrance as the BBQ smells weren’t as strong. There were many TV sets seen around for your entertainment, and the background music was playing the theme song from DOTS, a popular Korean Drama, really softly.

Lunch (11:30AM – 4:30PM):
Adults – $14++
Kids – $8++
Dinner (4:30PM – 10:30PM):
Adults – $24++
Kids – $18++
Adults – $24++
Kids – $18++

Kids under the age of 2 years old can enjoy dining in for free! Do note that any additional food leftover will be charged at a rate of $10 per extra 200 grams.

The staff directed us to our seats immediately because there wasn’t a crowd at the time we headed down. As they started the grill for us, we went to pick our dishes from the salad bar. The tongs, scissors and serviettes were naturally provided for at our tables.

Salad bar
The salad bar had various dishes such as bean sprouts, seasonal menus (e.g. fruits), tomatoes, pickles and assorted vegetables.

As per what a usual Korean BBQ buffet would serve, we went to get our meats fix – from pork belly and pork collar to the pork bulgogi and spicy chicken. Personally, I’d choose chicken over pork any other day during my Korean BBQ feast because the meat is usually more juicy and tender.

Pork belly was rather hard to chew on, and the bulgogi was not as juicy as what the usual Korean BBQs offer. The chicken galbi (non-spicy), however, was the favourite of the lot! It’s really juicy and contains a sweet coating, tastes chewy and fresher too.

BBQ SSamjang
Of course, we can’t forget about getting the condiments, can we? Oppa BBQ has Ssamjang (BBQ sauce), green chilli, onion sauce, onion chives, and our team loved how they also have garlic available in two options – raw and fried. Now you can get your fried garlic immediately without having to grill it!

Besides for the fact that the Korean pancakes were running low, they also have other a-la-carte items such as noodles and rice cakes. The pancakes and rice cakes tasted rather mediocre, which may be due to having placed on the woks for a long time.

Help yourselves to the drinks at the juice dispenser too. They have iced water, lime juice, iced lemon tea and water chestnut juice. We had the iced lemon tea, which tasted a little like sweet syrup but was fine.

Cutleries, saucers, condiments, cups, toppings – all can be taken yourself at the self-service counter.

Short String Frieds
We also didn’t forget getting some greens and vegetables to go with our meats and condiments. Honestly, we loved the shoestring fries that the outlet offered! They were soft, a little crispy on the outside, and sprinkled generously with salt to taste.

And now, it’s time to dig in! Tip: place your bacon slices into the BBQ grill first to oil the pan so that it’s easier to grill the other food items thereafter.

To find out more about Oppa BBQ Korean Restaurant at The Star Vista, drop them a call at +65 6339 5851 for any further enquiries or to make reservations. Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their main page  and Facebook page. It’s always good to feast up over a Korean BBQ meal after a long day at work..

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