Jinjja Chicken Korean Restaurant Food Review

Selemat Hari Raya, to all our Muslim friends – we hope you had a great reunion with your friends and family members! Speaking of the Eid 2016, during the Malay festival, we’ve heard about the busy Geylang Serai late night market frequented by Muslims after breaking fast every evening, but have you also heard of the newly opened halal certified Korean fast food restaurant, Jinjja Chicken?

Jinjja Chicken Korea Restaurant
Jinjja Chicken Korean Restaurant
Bugis Village
249 Victoria St
Singapore 188034
Sun – Thu: 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat: 11AM – 11:30PM
Nearest Station: Bugis

Just a walk across the street conspicuously located at Bugis Village, Jinjja Chicken is a fast food concept offering restaurant quality-Korean food that definitely should not be missed.

Inspired by South Korea’s rich street food culture, it’s love for fried chicken and pali-pali (culture of speed), Jinjja Chicken aims to create and define “The Authentic Asian Fast Food Joint”. Besides that, Jinjja Chicken sources for ingredients and recipes from all over Korea. They avoid as much as possible the excessive use of preservatives, additives and overly processed ingredients, firmly believing that it is possible to serve food that is delicious, fast, affordable and also good for you.

Today, we check out their first ever outlet in Singapore, right at the heart of Bugis. Just look at the amazing promotions they already have right at the entrance, including student promotions, party sets, and delivery for the convenience of all!

We must say, though, that we had no idea the restaurant was halal-certified before arriving, which explained the unexpected long queues after breaking fast. Nevertheless, we made our 10-15 minutes wait for a table productive, by deciding on what we could try out from the restaurant.


Jinjja Chicken Korean
Just look at the spread! In fact, many restaurants don’t value having quality photographs on their menu, but Jinjja Chicken definitely nailed it with their food menu with these really nice orientation and colors. Of course, you could also hear the whole K-pop music going on in the background with TV entertainment.

I was really impressed by their presentation, especially the green food containers hung at the counter for customers opting for a healthier diet. Jinjja Chicken even had a Ramadan Feast specially catered to Muslims coming over with their families and enjoying a delightful feast together for 7-9 pax. They even had an order system for customers to place their orders the day before to beat the queue.

Besides their ongoing in-house promotions, do also check out special deals for card members. Perks of dining in at Jinjja Chicken!

As there was still a long queue probably because the team was understaffed, we had to wait a little more before it reached our turn. Thankfully, the cashier was efficient and quick to manage the queue. We were then handed our buzzer and in no time at all, we could already collect our orders from the pick-up point at the back of the restaurant. Utensils and serviettes could also be found there.

Soft drinks (fanta grape), $2

2-in-1 Jjamja Myeon, $10.9
We ordered the special 2-in-1 Jjamja Myeon that separated two different servings of noodles in separate portions – Jjajang Myeon (left) and Jjamppong (right).

On the left, the noodles were non-spicy, tasted more original and authentic, but it might feel a little overwhelming after eating too much consistently. Which I believe, was why they created the 2-in-1 set, because on the right, noodles were soft, very spicy but really delicious! Mixed with vegetables and assorted seafood, too.

Jinjja Wings (mix 6 pcs), $7.9

With fries and soft drinks ($2), this is a perfect combo for any occasion when all you want is to snack on some delicious Korean chicken wings. The restaurant offers fries in different flavours – seasalt, sesame seaweed, and tteokbokki fries. Fries were not exactly hot, and have turned soggy, but definitely still tasted good with the seaweed / seasalt flavourings and chilli flakes.
The wings were really juicy, and depending on your personal preference, you could choose from four options – soy garlic, yangnyeom, monster, and mix. For the team, we opted for mixed flavours to have a taste of their chicken in general. Our favourite choice was the soy garlic because it’s not exceptionally spicy, not too paste-y, but with just the right amount of sauce and sweetness. Drumsticks are also available for separate ordering.


In fact, you could add on an additional $1 for a generous amount of cheese to dip with your fries, whether you want to separate in a saucer like what we did here, or get the staff to drizzle it over your fries instead. Condiments, as mentioned, could also be found at the pick-up point.

Chicken burger, $7.9

We loved how tender and juicy the chicken meat tasted, with an abundance of yummy sauce – but it was a real disappointment to realize how the chicken slice was half of that of the sesame bread bun. Seemed a little deceiving when we lifted up the bun to reveal the small patty, so it wasn’t worth the money spent on this dish. We would rather have opted for a bowl of noodles instead.

And, that’s it! It was a sumptuous meal for the amount we paid, and definitely great to share with the team. Personally, I’d totally love to drop by Jinjja Chicken Korean Restaurant a second time if I’m nearby the area, because of their affordable prices and large variety of choices on the menu. Next time, I might even give the green lunch box a try! Along with their desserts, no doubt.

All in all, we’d definitely recommend Muslims to dine in here because not only is it Halal-certified, but the chicken there was extremely yummy and worth the hype. Of course, we’d strongly recommend the restaurant to anyone out there in general, too! Just try to head down during non-peak hours to grab seats. Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Main page and Facebook page. Let’s hope Jinjja Chicken could also consider a possible shop expansion in the near future!
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