Daessiksin Korean Restaurant Food Review

It’s the weekends again, and we are really excited to introduce a local brand, Ministry of Food’s popular Korean BBQ buffet, none other than Daessiksin 大食神 – to satisfy our BBQ cravings. Daessiksin Korean Grill BBQ buffet restaurant has six outlets spread across Singapore, and is frequented by customers very often even till this date because of their affordable buffet prices and variety of dishes. Did you know: their head chef is Korean, too!


Daessiksin Korean Restaurant
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Daily: 11:30AM – 3:30PM, 5:30PM – 10PM

Nearest Station: Somerset



Daessiksin is currently running a Steamboat + BBQ buffet promotion, with affordable prices starting from $10++ per pot. We never actually knew that the restaurant offered steamboat other than BBQ!

Standard BBQ buffet pricing are as follows:

Monday – Friday
Lunch: $14.9++ (adult), $8.9++ (child)
Dinner: $24.9++ (adult), $18.9++ (child)

Saturday – Sunday
All day: $24.9++ (adult), $18.9++ (child)

Unfortunately, we headed over during dinner time and missed out the affordable lunch pricing. Would recommend readers who are available anytime during Monday – Friday and are nearby the vicinity, to head down during lunch hours because that would really save you much more for the buffet.



Stepping in the restaurant during dinner time resulted in us having thoughts of having to wait for seats. However, with its spacious interiors, you don’t have to worry about packed weekends because there are ample seats available. Hurray!


We were directed to our table and the staff immediately began to oil the non-stick grill and pre-heat it while informing us that we could start getting our dishes already meanwhile as it heats up. Plus points for good service and efficiency! It’s slightly noisy in the restaurant but considerably neutral for the number of customers dining in at the closed space. There was also soft Korean music playing in the background, and a very handy ventilation system that worked wonders.


As per usual, the standard rules of BBQ buffet restaurants are to reduce food wastage as customers will be charged for any leftover food at $20 per 200g, according to Daessiksin restaurant. One tip that we have for you is to take lesser slices of raw meat. The reason? Sometimes, when we are in such a hurry to take as many dishes as possible to head back and start to BBQ our food, we might take a tad too many slices of meat as they tend to stick really close to one another. You eventually have to eat more than you took, or causing food wastage. So try to take lesser, and you can always go back to stock up your favourite dishes that are freshly replenished!


Of course, Daessiksin also provides free flow of ice cold drinks for customers. As much as I enjoyed the soft drinks, I was personally hoping for more non-gassy options such as teas. Barley tea was available, but it was too diluted. We kept to our Fanta grape sodas instead.


First up, we opted for Korean side dishes such as the Kimchi pancake, glass noodles, and kimchi fried rice. Were rather pleased with these dishes, especially the chewy glass noodles that got really addictive!


Who could forget getting themselves some greens to go along with the dishes? We loved how fresh the vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes tasted, especially the dewy texture it gave. Pro tip: You can also wrap the lettuce over meats or mushrooms, dip into sauces and place it right into your mouth! Yum.


Let’s take a look at the seafood now – squid tubes, prawns, mushrooms and corn cobs. The enoki mushrooms are my best pick every time, and can be left longer in the pan for a crunchier aftertaste. The squid tubes were slightly tasteless, but still a pass.


We managed to also grab a plate of Kimchi, ham and chicken sausages because, really – nobody can ever leave a Korean restaurant without having some of their famous side dish, Korean kimchi!



We got ourselves the spicy chicken, chicken bulgogi, pork collar, pork marinated rib, pork bacon and pork belly to sample – and our favourite would be the chicken bulgogi because they are sliced into small chunks, really sweet and juicy! The pork bacon can be placed in the middle of the pan to aid the BBQ process with the oil, but be quick to flip it and savour else it becomes dried up. Pork belly was fine, but do note that it contained tiny bone joint areas that you should remove before eating. Of course, beef options are available too.


If you’ve been following real closely with our previous few BBQ buffet articles, you’d notice how I personally love mixing lots of chopped garlic with soy sauce. This time round, I blended it with sesame oil and onion sauce – and still tasted fantastic! Get yourself a separate saucer to get plenty of Korean chilli bean paste.


Remember to pick up the utensils and plates right by the side of the counter before digging in!


Feast up! With all that said, you may drop the Daessiksin outlet at Orchard Gateway a call at +65 6634 4608 for any further enquiries. Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their main page (here) and Facebook page (here). Let’s hope you’ll have as much of an enjoyable time as we did!

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