Choo Choo Chicken Restaurant @ Bali Lane Singapore

Ready for another round of rewarding your taste buds with crispy and irresistible Korean fried chicken? Keep your eyes peeled for this entire post because we would be introducing you to the most scrumptious yet affordable Korean Fried Chicken in town!


Choo Choo Chicken

Choo Choo Chicken Restaurant

33 Bali Lane Singapore (189869)

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 23:00

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis

Choo Choo Chicken started out as a humble stall, by owners who are big fans of fried chicken when they visited Korea in 2013 and first fell in love with the crispy, fried meat. Therefore, they took a great leap of faith and took this authentic Korean-style fried chicken concept back to Singapore. They hired a Korean lady as their chef, who is a great contribution to their success today.


Choo Choo Chicken Menu

Take a look at their menu. A simple layout in black strips, and their brand/logo smack in the middle. I was quite pleased to find that most food items on the menu are pretty affordable as compared to the market prices of similar Korean Restaurants in Singapore. There was a great variety of items on the menu too, ranging from not only the famous Korean fried chicken, but also sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers. It makes my mouth water already!


Choo Choo Chicken Crowded

Albeit just a small restaurant run by a few friendly Korean staff, people are happily engaged in their own little conversations while munching over Korean dishes. The walls were decorated with portraits symbolizing Korean, and a TV is located near the counter with K-pop shows and dance performances by stars for entertainment.


Choo Choo Chicken Trash Bin

No doubt there’s also a trash bin located at the corner of the table for any waste or leftover chicken bones.


Choo Choo Chicken Drinks

Pear Korean Juice ($3) After placing our orders, our drinks arrived. I’m starting to love Korean juices more because they are so sweet and come in really adorable mini cans! Here’s a can of crushed pear juice with soft and tiny pear bits inside.


Choo Choo Chicken Drink

Milkis Korean sweet drink ($3) If you are as clueless as I was when I saw the name of this sweet drink, the staff mentioned that it’s a milky juice that goes well with Korean Fried Chicken. I personally find that it tastes rather like icy cold sprite with Italian soda. Tastes special nonetheless! Finally, the famous Korean Fried Chicken we’ve all been waiting for…


Delicious Choo Choo Fried Chicken

Soy Wing & Drumlet (8 PC) ($16) It’s no surprise why Choo Choo Chicken is famed for their Korean Fried Chicken. It’s EXTREMELY delicious and oozing with sauce – so good all by itself even for a single flavor!


Choo Choo Chicken looks juicy!

It comes in five flavors – crispy, sweet, soy, spicy and garlic. However, if you opt for 8 Pieces like I did, you can only choose a flavor. Imagine how long I took to decide on one! I decided to settle for the Soy flavor. However, for bigger groups, it’s smart to get 16 Pieces that allows you to choose from 2 flavors at $29.90. Definitely a MUST TRY if you’re here because everyone comes here for it!


Choo Choo Chicken Fried Mushroom

Fried Mushroom ($4) If you have a tight budget and still want something to bite on or at least prevent your stomach from turning famished, try the crisp fried mushrooms at only $4! It comes in a rather generous quantity and its mushroom is fried at the right temperature and flavor.


Choo Choo Chicken Fried Mushroom with sauce

Dip it in and enjoy with the sweet chilli sauce! You can even try dipping your Fried Chicken in and just add a little zest to your food.

Korean Seaweed rice

Korean Seaweed Rice


Looks Delicious!

Choo Choo Rice ($2.50) A simple dish of Korean-style rice blended with strips of seaweed to give it the authentic taste.


Fried Chicken Sandwich

Spicy Choo Choo sandwich ($7.90) Decided to try another flavor of fried chicken in a sandwich! Chose the spicy flavor with tender chicken and loads of green vegetables. WARNING: IT’S REALLY SPICY and recommended only for the spice-lovers because it’s extra hot even if you just try a bite out of this sandwich. You can also try getting the interesting rice burger too. It looks like a rice that’s circularly-shaped and mixed with flavors and spices you choose from. Something unique from authentic Korean Restaurants!


Potato Wedges


Sandwich Fillings

Almost forgot to mention that we were greeted with a pleasant surprise when our sandwich was served with potato wedges! No extra charge and it added as a great snack to go with!


Choo Choo Chicken Sandwich

Was really bloated after consuming all these great Korean dishes. Choo Choo Chicken is one of the best Korean fried chicken chains in Singapore, and I would definitely visit the outlet again! To book a reservation, visit their Facebook page or call up 62990980 to book for a reservation. Enjoy!

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