Chi Bing Korean Restaurant

Today, we visit this little hidden gem located at the corner of The Star Vista Mall, known for serving customers with a trendy taste of Korea, and promises to drive the best effort on dishes bringing an original taste of Korea. They also serve up appetizing stir-fried spicy chicken and other trendy Korean dishes in many variations!

Chi bing Korean Restaurant
Chi Bing Korean Restaurant
The Star Vista Mall
Singapore 138617
Mon – Thu: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Fri – Sat: 11:30AM – 12:00PM
Sun: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Nearest Station: Buona Vista

Getting there might require a couple of turns before reaching – we had to head outdoors and walk towards a corner of the mall before finding the location. As our team had made it earlier before the dinner crowd arrived, we were assigned to our table in a jiffy.

As what a typical Korean dining experience would feel like, it was a cozy environment filled with working adults and colleagues gathering together for a nice dinner. The outlet had quite a quiet ambience with soft Korean music playing in the background.

Our utensils, side plates, serviettes could all be found on the table by the side, also with a buzzer where you can activate once you want to place your orders and require a staff to attend to you.

Chi Bing Korean Restaurant and Cafe

We were a little taken aback by the prices of the menu dishes, even though they looked really appealing and came in sets good for sharing or great combinations of Korean dishes to unwind from a busy day. However, we still opted for a couple of a-la-carte dishes to give it a try!

Chi Bing has a salad bar where customers can help themselves to the variety of free-flow starters. However, do note that any leftovers will have an additional charge, so don’t take more than you can consume!

Bean Sprout
Bean sprouts
We loved the freshness of the cold bean sprouts and the slight spicy flavor that came with it.


Of course, we got to have our vegetables! You may add extra mayonnaise to make it a little sweeter.

Raddish - CHi Bing Korean
Crunchy and slightly spicy, this complements well with your rice or mains!


Kim CHi - Chi Bing
Although it was really rather spicy, these were cold and fresh and we loved it!


Seaweed slices
One of our favourite starters was this delicious plate of seaweed slices, chewy and soggy!


Spicy Bulgogi, $12.9
Really a great dish for customers who love spicy Korean meals! The Spicy Bulgogi was chopped into minced meat cooked with onions and spices, and had a fiery taste too. It’s also served with a bowl of rice!

Black Noodle, $16.9
These noodles were really chewy and tasted nicer when consumed slowly. However, it was mainly complemented with vegetables and onion slices, without any meat.


Steamed Egg, $4.9
One of the dishes that can never go wrong at a Korean restaurant is a bowl of steamed egg! Not only does it look appetizing and leaves you salivating, it’s great to be consumed when hot as it will sink once it turns cold.


You may drop the Chi Bing outlet at The Star Vista a call at +65 6262 0689 for any further enquiries. Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their main page and Facebook page. Let’s hope you’ll have as much of an enjoyable time as we did!


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