How to make Tasty Home-made Korean Pan Cake from your kitchen

korean-pan-cakeThis article probably answers many people who would wish to know how to make tasty home-made Korean pan cake from your kitchen. Their exists very simple and basic recipes of making the Korean pan cake.

Below are some of the most popular recipes. The scallion pancake is an energetic snack, a starter, and at times an adjacent dish to Korean meals and can be made in the taste of the chef. If one wishes, chopped red peppers and chopped white onions can be added to the pa ju. Other popular ingredients for the pancake are mushrooms, carrots, zucchinis, and kimchis among others. For persons who intent to use handy batter mostly available in Asian foodstuff shops, it is alright to spent about twenty minutes, ten minutes for preparation of the ingredients and ten minutes for cooking.



Ingredients for Korean Pan Cake required are:

  • Two cups of flour,
  • Two (beaten) eggs,
  • One and half cups of water,
  • One cluster of scallions, cut into halves cut into two-three inch lengths,
  • One table spoon salt,
  • Oil for cooking.

The preparation guide lights:

Blend the entire collection of ingredients and let it settle for roughly 10 minutes. It is advisable for one to observe the evenness of the mixture to ensure that the batter is soft as this will guarantee even and quick cooking of the Pa Jun.

Then heat up a saute pan. The heat should be slightly above medium and a layer of oil should be applied on the pan.
Batter is then carefully poured on the pan such that it fills the pan in a skinny sheet .This will use an estimate of about one third of the batter prepared.

The Pa jun is allowed to cook for about four minutes until a golden brown colour appears on the bottom.

By use of a spatula, turning of the Pa jun is done and later left to cook for about two more minutes. More cooking oil may need to be added but not necessarily as it will depend on the heat.

The Pa jun can now be served with chilly dipping sauce or as a starter or even side dish.

Another guide on how to make tasty home-made Korean pan cake from your kitchen is by use of the following:

  • White flour two cups or two cups or Korean pancake mixture
  • Water two cups
  • Salt and Pepper (in case of flour)
  • A Carrot
  • A zucchini (Courgette)
  • A mushroom

The procedure is as follows:

  • Two cups of white flour and two cups of water are put in a bowl and spiked with small amount of salt and pepper .For users of pan cake mix, spiking is not necessary.
  • The vegetables (carrot, mushroom and Courgette) are then sliced and added to the mixing bowl, then stirred well to evenness. Some oil is the put on a hot pan.
  • As a chef, you are spoilt for choice on how to make tasty home-made Korean pan cake from your kitchen as you can that are large or small depending on preference. A laddle is used to spoon over the mixture on the pan.
  • The mixture is then allowed to cook to golden brown and later served. The pan cake can be dipped in soy sauce. In a nut shell that is basically how to make tasty home-made Korean pan cake from your kitchen.