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It’s been a while since we’ve treated your eyes to updates on our Korean Restaurant hunting, but we’re back with more delicious hunts on the best go-to places in Singapore for yummy and interesting feasts. In fact, we’re bringing you even more exciting features on this update, because our team recently dropped by a realty cool café that serves, guess what – Korean-Japanese fusion dishes!

Chicken Clinic
Thomson V Two, #01-13
11 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575629

Nearest MRT Station: Marymount MRT

Opening hours:
Monday: 3:00PM – 9:30PM
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30AM – 9:30PM

Only a 10 minutes walk from the MRT station, lies a hidden spot near the Upper Thomson vicinity serving Korean styled fried chicken with Japanese fusion food. Even though it was two storeys high, the top floor was closed and our team took our seats on the bottom floor at a cozy corner. What we liked about Chicken Clinic was their concept of making dining a more fun and engaging experience for us through games such as Uno Stack.

The interior décor was minimal and simple, which makes it a great spot for photos of your meals! It was a really great spot just to hang out with your friends and chill on a Friday night, away from the usual crowded cafes.

Pick your desired dishes, from fried chicken, rice/noodles, to side dishes and pairing it up with an alcoholic beverage.

Cream Cheese Fried Chicken, $19.5

First up, we picked their unique dish that was made with a clinic-themed concept. You can opt for your level of spiciness – sweet, spicy, or super spicy.

Served with fried chicken dipped in melted cheese and dill toppings, give it an extra flavour by squeezing the ketchup out from the syringe. Side dishes include French fries, salad, and cabbage pickles that comes with the set. Each set serves up to 1-2 people, so it’s great for sharing!

Sukiyaki Chicken Dong, $10

One of the recommended dishes is the Sukiyaki Chicken Dong, basically steamed rice served with soy sauce chicken. However, the team found it rather normal.

Chicken Yaki Udon, $15.5

Serves up to 1-2 people, this recommended dish really appealed to us not just in terms of aesthetics, but also its flavours! Stir-fried noodles with mixed chicken and pork, topped off with mayonnaise and bonito flakes.

Watermelon Sorbet of the day, $1

We’ve also gotten the sorbet of the day in Watermelon flavour, as it’s a refreshing dessert at only one dollar! Available in kiwi and mango flavours too. In fact, the kind staff actually gave us two servings for visiting their store! If you upload a posting on Instagram on Chicken Clinic and tag them, just flash it to the staff and you get to enjoy a free serving of dessert from them too!

Also, it’s a great idea to head down for lunch between 12pm – 4pm, as they are currently having a promotion for customers, with $2 off their Fried Chicken set, and all Rice menus at only $8! To end off the meals, you can try their Dropped Ice Cream Cone ($7.5), as it looks really instagrammable.

You may drop the Chicken Clinic Korean Restaurant a call at +65 8451 4011 for any further enquiries. Last but not least, do keep yourself updated at their Main page (here) or Facebook page (here). Hope you’ll have as much of an enjoyable time as we did!

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